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December 2012/January 2013

Ocean Home magazine is for people who love the luxury oceanfront lifestyle, from home design and decor to world-class beach resorts, villas, hotels, and destinations.

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Liv ee th lf i tye...es l si l snge isues OceanHome Current and back issues of Ocean Home print edition! Click here for our complete list of back issues available. Click Here Or call ���-���-���� to order single issues of Ocean Home magazine! ocean home the luxury coastal lifestyle magazine October/November 2012 Volume 7/Issue 6 oceanhomemag.com eaome french polynesia: ristine Beaches and arm Locals Create a Real Island aradise Beach Blogger: At ome in anhattan Beach with Camille Anderson california dreaming: elican ill Draws ay raelers with Its Luxe Amenities ineyard aen Inside a Contemorary et till Classic artha's Vineyard ome eaome cape compound: A Boston Architect Realizes One Family's Dream Gathering Grounds resort report: Glamorous Getaways on Anguilla and Virgin Gorda seychelles sojourn: Luxury Comes to Life in Africa's Idyllic Island Chain oceanhomemag.com | $5.99 Business new luxury condo liVing on the shores of Boca raton Style stay connected with handsome high- tech cufflinks Travel offers world-class Beaches and wines Valencia spain Home no-fuss coVers protect your pool with Beach- Ready Blueprints five a-list architects— from connecticut to costa rica— weigh in on what makes REV4_OHJan12_Cover.indd 1 11/4/11 3:53:04 PM for the ultimate ocean home October/November 2012 oceanhomemag.com r 2012 Travel Buying options— oatan to artha's Vineyard how to win the war on limited airline leg room Style the full story on eye-catching e-reader coVers Home wallpaper makes an unexpected—and glam—comeBack OHON12_Cover.indd 1 8/23/12 5:03 PM ocean home the luxury coastal lifestyle magazine anuar 2012 Volume 7/Issue 1 oceanhomemag.com ocean homethe luxury coastal lifestyle magazine ugust/etember 2012 Volume 7/Issue oceanhomemag.com eaome the top irish dream: he Lodge at Dooneg Brings Luxury to Ireland's Coastal County Clare california dreaming: alf oon Bay Is the Golden tate's nderstated scae Ber market: Inside aris's Famed arche aux uces de aintOuen t/etember 2012 coastal homes in the us spectacular homes for sale from coast to coast p oceanhomemag.com | $5.99 Business a changing of the guard at r eynolds plantation Travel rentals for your next trip aBroad extraVagant car Style Bold coVer-ups for late-summer Beach days Home how to giVe your home a luxe liVed-in look OHAS12_Cover.indd 1 6/8/12 11:26 AM eaome tee time: scale Lodgings and ew Courses ae uerto Rico a Golfer's Dream Beach house reViVal: A Coule Ream heir Fire Island scae lodging loyalty: Luxury otel Comanies Adot the ers rogram rend he cai eic Luxe Resorts and rime Real state from Los Caos to the Riiera aya ebrr/rc 2012 oceanhomemag.com | $5.99 Business puerto los caBos is poised for a Banner year Style portaBle fireplaces add panache to your oceanfront estate Travel ixtapa is a less- trafficked mexico alternatiVe Home custom wood fl oors and opulent outdoor showers OHFM12_Cover.indd 1 12/15/11 5:18:17 PM eaome new england escapes: otels Resorts and ustee ots from ew amshire to ewort house hopping: rd ome Oens Doors to the orld's ost Desired Destinations Beautiful Belie: Francis Ford Coola's rio of coChic Resorts aes Center tage e/ 2012 sland ie Casa de Camo's unta initas Is a Beachfront Beauty in the Dominican Reulic oceanhomemag.com | $5.99 Business christophe harBour rolls out the red carpet on st kitts Travel spa at pelican hill pampers Visitors on california's coast Style designer Beach towels haVe their moment in the sun Home italian interiors and otherworldy garden pods REV_OHJJ12_Cover.indd 1 4/20/12 12:34 PM ocean home the luxury coastal lifestyle magazine ebruar/arch 2012 Volume 7/Issue 2 oceanhomemag.com ocean home the luxury coastal lifestyle magazine une/ul 2012 Volume 7/Issue oceanhomemag.com

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